A Case Study in Continual Learning at GE

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Digital Learning Summit 2018 - May 17, 2018

Chantelle Nash

Program Manager for Digital Learning & Engagement
General Electric (GE)

GE has one of the world’s most renowned and recognized leadership institutes—yet only a fraction of the company’s professional employees are able to participate in a face-to-face learning experience at Crotonville, the company’s decades-old leadership institute based in New York. To remain at the forefront of our increasingly digital future and the speed at which employees need to learn, GE had to scale quality development opportunities to reach over 300,000 employees in more than 180 countries around the world. 

In this session, you will be provided a walkthrough revealing the evolution of workforce development in the digital age at GE that led to the creation of BrilliantYOU™ – GE’s new digital learning experience platform. You will learn more about the changing workforce needs that are driving the approach, the BrilliantYOU™ team’s startup strategy and related challenges, and the role culture takes in building a continual learning mindsets.


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