There are several types of simulations, and they address performance gaps in various job functions. Ultimately, the type you choose for your training comes down to one question: Are you trying to fill a hard or soft skills performance gap? If the answer is soft skills, you may want to look at producing an authentic video-based simulation to fill the gap.

This session will explore the makeup of an authentic video-based simulation. You will learn how to design a best-practice video-based simulation storyboard, and you’ll learn about tools and techniques you can use in creating the final product. In addition, you will look at project management, dialogue vs. narration, set direction, shooting for the edit, and programming.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to define an authentic video-based simulation
  • About the elements of an effective storyboard for a video-based simulation
  • Practical techniques to use during a video shoot, including for lighting, teleprompter, and direction
  • About tools for efficient and effective post-production and programming of simulation assets