For many skills, the type of training L&D delivers is incongruent. If you design training for complex processes, equipment, or environments, it’s almost impossible to encapsulate skills within traditional eLearning formats. This problem often leads organizations to use expensive, inefficient on-the-job training methods where the stakes are high and real customers can be affected.

The answer for these challenges is an effective simulation. Airline pilots, sea captains, golfers, and nuclear technicians all train in simulated environments; but for most corporate situations, they don’t have to be multi-million dollar, all-encompassing environments to be successful. In fact, most digital learning developers can benefit from including basic simulations in their learning content.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How to model simple processes for simulation development
  • What's possible with a software development approach to simulation
  • What technologies are used to create engaging skill-building simulations