Encouraging experts to create useful content for others in the workplace is a practical and effective way to extend knowledge in an organization. Video is rapidly becoming the medium for sharing demonstrations, quick tips, and longer-form overviews. But how do you fit user-generated videos into your overall learning strategy? What are the best ways to launch and support them as well as measure their use overall?

In this session, you will explore how to add user-generated videos and screencasts to your learning strategy, using best practices and guidelines for getting the most out of this learning modality. You will learn the best tips to launch screencasts and other user-generated video assets, and discover the best platforms to host and distribute access.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to add user-generated videos to your learning strategy
  • How to provide people access to the videos and reporting (platform considerations)
  • How to get started and set users up for success
  • About tools and tricks to successfully launch user-generated videos and screencasts