Video increasingly is playing a bigger role in helping to improve people’s learning experiences, making sure they are engaged and, most importantly, are gaining the knowledge and skills you want to share with them. With increased access to affordable equipment and tools that allow everyone to make high-quality video, L&D professionals often find they’re being asked to do more video creation themselves. This can be a tricky situation if you’re not a video professional or editor—or if you haven’t even made a video for learning purposes before.

To build your video creation skills, you need to know more than just how your equipment works and what makes good instructional video—you’ll also want to uncover what problems and issues commonly arise in video production and what you can do about them. In this session, you’ll explore seven “deadly sins” of video creation. While they won’t actually kill you, they can make your production more frustrating and your final video less effective. You’ll take a closer look at these common video creation mistakes and find out what you can do to avoid or overcome them.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The dangers of not getting to know what your equipment can do
  • Why you’ll want to avoid thinking you’ll fix it in post
  • How not to fail at framing your video
  • How to ensure your lighting is at its best
  • Why you can’t ignore your audio
  • Tips for keeping your video moving
  • How to edit with the end destination in mind