Although L&D professionals increasingly turn to video to meet workplace needs, they tend to adapt their existing processes to new formats, or they invent something new altogether. Yet Hollywood—more precisely the film industry—has mastered the art of engagement for film or video, with good films keeping audiences riveted for hours. While not every workplace video needs to be a major production, there are many simple lessons from Hollywood’s century-old history that you can apply to make better videos. This is especially true in preproduction, the planning phase of video production.

In this session, you’ll learn to apply practical techniques used in film production to increase engagement in your own workplace videos by focusing effort on the preproduction phase. You’ll explore the nature of the video format itself and discuss how to best take advantage of it, as well as how to avoid several common video mistakes. You’ll explore the format of screenplays and why that format works well for workplace video. You will also learn to look for and recognize common mistakes in scripts that, all too often, make their way into videos. You may or may not be the next Steven Spielberg, but you will leave this session ready to make better, more interesting videos for your workplace.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create an engaging video script using a proven format
  • What the characteristics of a well-written video script are
  • How to recognize and correct common video mistakes, including ones that limit the useful life of your videos
  • How to develop and use interesting characters that substantially increase viewer interest