A common challenge in eLearning development is effectively collaborating with your subject matter experts and other project stakeholders. This is critical during the transition from storyboard to development. It can often be difficult to help others see your vision when it comes to developing media-rich, interactive eLearning because of the static look and feel of typical storyboards.

In this session, you will explore an adapted approach taken from good web development practice: the prototype. You’ll learn how you can develop a rapid prototype with free tools to quickly and effectively share your storyboard with stakeholders in a way that is easy to review and respond to with feedback. This session will provide you with an innovative way to engage your stakeholders to save time in development while creating exciting eLearning experiences!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the prototyping process saves you time and effort in development
  • Which elements to pull from a typical eLearning storyboard for your prototype
  • How to leverage free, accessible tools for developing prototypes
  • About a simple workflow for obtaining fast, application-based feedback in a variety of settings

Session Video