Step into the Future for a Q&A with Our Panel Experts

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Future of Learning Summit 2017 - February 16, 2017

Mark Britz

Director of Event Programming
The Learning Guild

Nick Floro

Learning Strategist
Sealworks Interactive Studios

Robert Gadd

OnPoint Digital

Rachel Happe

Co-Founder and Principal
The Community Roundtable

Charles Jennings

Duntroon Associates & Co-founder, 70:20:10 Institute

Koreen Pagano

Head of Product

Marc Rosenberg

Marc Rosenberg and Associates

Step into the Future for a Q&A with Our Panel Experts

Interested in knowing how learning and technology are changing today, and what that change means for the future?

 In this closing panel session for the Future of Learning Summit, moderator Mark Britz will be joined by several of our Summit speakers, who will provide a deeper look at where organizational learning is going. You will learn how their unique areas of understanding intertwine with the others, forming an exciting, holistic look at how learning and performance will change in the years to come. The microphones will also be opened to attendees, allowing you to ask questions of the panel and share your own thoughts.


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