The volume of information available inside and outside of organizations continues to grow exponentially, and the tools available to create and access it all continue to expand as well. But is it good content? Is it the right content for the right purpose? Is it up to date? Is it understandable? The more you have to ask these questions about online content, the less efficient your search for the right information will be. Even more of a concern is that you might find bad content, act on it, and suffer the consequences.

This session explores the necessity of content curation, as well as the challenges involved. The session will cover a number of strategies that individuals and organizations can leverage to better ensure content is curated appropriately. You will learn about the important role the learning professional takes in becoming an effective content curator to meet the future needs of the business. Finally, you will learn more about the focuses of content curation: accuracy, relevance, usefulness, and value of knowledge assets.