NOTE: Due to copyright constraints, this session will only be available live. It will not be recorded.

Have you ever wondered why people who desperately want to adopt healthier lifestyles don’t stick with them once their initial burst of motivation fades? People logically understand the importance of creating healthy habits (better health, weight loss, disease prevention, etc.), and yet this understanding often does not prevent them from struggling to change behavior related to these habits.

In this provocative opening session, Michelle Segar will showcase the science for a new paradigm to better foster sustainable behavior change. You will examine why logic-based reasons for behavior change keep people stuck in cycles of starting and stopping but not behavioral sustainability. Via a science-based story, you will learn a novel approach to promoting self-care, health, and wellness behaviors, and you will discover how this approach can be applied across multiple organizational and individual contexts. You will leave this session with a more strategic way to design for and promote sustainable behavior change.