Traditional eLearning: Read, click. Read, click. Zone out, click, click, click. Answer questions, or worst of all, check the box that you have read the content. Argh! How often are eLearning assessments merely tests of reading comprehension? Yes, we want to assess knowledge, but knowing something does not confirm ability. As eLearning professionals, we know that we can create behavior changes in our learners, but our business partners aren’t always convinced.

During this session, we will crowdsource your ideas and explore the many ways we can assess outcomes. Then we’ll look at the importance of creating granular objectives and mapping our assessments to each one to ensure we are meeting the overall goal of the course. We will also step back and revisit our objectives to consider if we are really planning for doing versus knowing. You’ll leave this session with a mindmap method that visualizes the process in a single page.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a variety of assessments
  • How to rewrite objectives to ensure assessable, measurable outcomes
  • How to align assessments with outcomes
  • How to reassure stakeholders that learners will not only know that they know, but also show that they know

Beginner and intermediate designers with some instructional design background.