Learning innovations are not just new technologies, but also new styles of learning, new delivery methods, new instructional design concepts, and new social followings that might make your work more effective, easier, or both. When it comes to learning innovations, how can you tell a long-lasting trend that you should pay attention to from yet another passing fad that you can safely ignore? Are the innovations you have recently seen, are seeing now, or may see in the near future just vendor-led ideas to make a quick sale, or something you can really use? And if an innovation does prove to be a real trend, how can you determine if it has true learning value, and when is the right time to invest in it?

In this opening session, you will get a fun but serious look at some recent learning innovations—both today’s trending winners and yesterday’s losing fads—and gain a glimpse into the many learning innovations tapping on the door now and those that may be waiting just around the next corner. You’ll learn how to determine if the next learning innovation you encounter is a real trend or just a passing fad, and what to do about it.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify a learning innovation
  • How to use a scoring technique (currently in beta testing) to decide if a particular learning innovation is a trend or a fad
  • How to use value of investment (VOI) to determine if and when you should invest in a trending learning innovation

Designers, developers, managers, directors, and anyone else with an interest in delivering technology that is fit for purpose and who believes creating learning means making the complex understandable and the mind boggling magical. Participants should know how to speak geek and how to bring a level of fun and expectation to their work.