Social technology is ubiquitous in everyday life. Meanwhile, many organizations remain hindered in their attempts to leverage social tools to improve the employee experience the workplace. L&D teams many times try to lead the charge under the guise of social learning, but are often unable to achieve meaningful levels of user engagement. We’re tired, disappointed, and frustrated because we know it’s a good idea, but we can’t figure out why it’s not working. If people have become so comfortable engaging with one another online outside the office, why can’t we get them to exhibit the same behaviors inside the office?

This session will explore the cultural foundation of the evolving social workplace using practical examples. The session will focus on the employee and organizational behaviors necessary to facilitate meaningful, relevant, continued collaboration and knowledge sharing.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The ways social technology has changed the way we collaborate in everyday life
  • How to identify the key cultural characteristics of a next-generation social workplace
  • How to translate personal social technology sharing behaviors into professional life
  • The role L&D can play to facilitate meaningful information sharing in the workplace

Intermediate and advanced designers, managers, and directors. Basic understanding of social media and knowledge management technology, along with related content curation and sharing behaviors.