Many learning and development (L&D) professionals struggle to become a part of the larger social medial initiatives at their companies. Social learning can’t occur in a vacuum, only in a classroom or while hovering at the water cooler. While social media isn’t a fad and it’s not going away, is it taboo for you to use in your new hire orientation? When was the last time you followed employees, executives, or leaders? Do your learning programs support how much personal time it consumes of your employees, regardless of generation? With it consuming more of our time, you can’t ignore how employees are using social media. A way to empower them to use it to spread knowledge is needed. What is the foundation for building the trust of your organization and their use of social media tools?

This hands-on session will show you practical (and simple) ways to start integrating social elements into your learning programs. For the best experience in this session, we recommend you have a mobile device available.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why it’s important harness the personal usage of your employees’ social media habits
  • Simple techniques for adding social media elements to your existing training designs
  • How to increase adoption and engagement of social tools at your organization
  • How social platforms can assist with information overload, or lack of knowledge

Novice and intermediate. Basic knowledge of social media.