There is a lot of talk about informal learning, but what are you doing to design it? Informal does not have to mean unplanned. What if there was a proven way to influence the 70 and 20 in the 70:20:10 mix everyone is buzzing about? Do you know how to extend learning beyond the classroom in your organization? Simply put, ADDIE falls down when it comes to designing informal learning. Without a methodology or structure, how do you decide what should be the 10 and what should be in the 70:20? How do you know you are teaching the right topics?

Participants will learn to put their learning design into the framework of the Five Moments of Learning Need. You will also learn about the Learning Experience and Performance (LEaP) plan.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Review the Five Moments of Learning Need and how they apply an appropriate mix of formal and informal learning
  • Explore the structure and purpose of the learning experience and performance plan
  • How the LEaP plan blends deliberate instructional design with just-in-time attributes inherent in informal learning
  • How the LEaP plan can be leveraged for learning, performance support, or a combination of both types of projects

Intermediate and advanced designers, project managers, managers, and directors.