With the world of business moving ever faster, organizations need to be increasingly agile. Optimal execution is merely the cost of entry; the only sustainable differentiator is continual innovation. It’s time for learning and development (L&D) teams to become real business contributors, adding strategic value by facilitating this needed innovation. It’s possible, but to be successful, you need to use information age approaches to workplace learning, not legacies from the industrial age. What we know about how people think, work, and learn has changed. We’re recognizing that our thinking isn’t all in a person’s head, that people work better when they work together, and that learning isn’t information dumps and knowledge tests. Yet this isn’t what we see reflected in the actions of many L&D teams. It’s time for a revolution!

Participants in this session will examine what and how typical L&D teams are doing, and explore some of the gaps between what L&D is delivering and what organizations really need. You’ll look at some new frameworks to shape how approaches could and should be working, going “beyond the course.” Finally, you’ll review some principles to guide you in this new era, as a path to a truly effective performance ecosystem.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Important realities about how people think, work, and learn
  • Why your team needs to look at a larger picture of learning
  • How to go beyond courses and support performance
  • What is required to facilitate innovation

Intermediate to advanced managers, directors, VPs, CLOs, and executives who are in charge or have strategic responsibility for L&D direction. Also, learning professionals interested in influencing L&D direction for the better.