The need for learning is constant and constantly changing. Whether you are a CEO or a janitor, an instructional designer or an engineer, your most important job requirement is to continuously learn the latest skills, knowledge, regulations, and attitudes relevant to your job. But how can learning professionals make learning more engaging—and fun!—for employees?

Based on his 92 years of experience (counting previous lifetimes), Thiagi has figured out how to wrap a wide range of game designs, from the casual to serious, around different instructional content resources and procedures to make the task of learning more engaging and the work of assessment more authentic. To moderate his exuberance, Tracy brings a significant dose of wicked reality from the corporate firing lines of a multicultural and multinational organization. Together, they will share a realistic picture and several practical guidelines on how you can optimize the power of games and gamification for learning in your own organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What we don’t know about games and gamification
  • What we know about the limitations of games and gamification, and how to work around those limitations
  • How to smoothly blend different types of game designs with different types of instructional content resources to achieve transferable and measurable learning outcomes
  • How to adapt games and gamification to a playground environment to invite exploration
  • How to adapt games and gamification to a tough test situation to authenticate knowledge transfer

Learning professionals interested in using games and gamification to make employee learning more engaging and fun.