Video-game writers and designers are some of the best instructional designers out there. They are able to motivate players to learn complex actions and ideas using challenging—yet fun—techniques. Players then use these actions and ideas to defeat bosses and complete puzzles, leaving players feeling satisfied and accomplished. Instructional designers and eLearning developers attempt to achieve a similar goal: motivate learners to learn challenging techniques and apply those techniques to real-world situations. How do video game designers do this so well, and how can you apply video-game design to your instructional design?

Participants in this session will look at various video games and the core elements that make players want to play through to the end. You’ll examine several video games and their set-ups, how these games introduce new concepts, and how they apply these concepts throughout the design. With this information as a base, you’ll then work with the presenter and other session participants to create a mini-prototype of video-game-inspired learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How video games apply instructional-design techniques
  • How to apply video-game concepts to motivate learners
  • How to structure your eLearning courses using video-game examples

Novice to advanced designers and developers interested in improving their eLearning-design techniques.