Why this Project Was Needed:

Scenario-based exams—Using simulated content and scenarios to test the student’s ability to support the Intel Security product.

Regular exams only test with text-based questions and answers. Tech-support learners need to be able to picture what the customer is seeing when they answer a call. Scenario-based exams provide the avenue for learners to “show what they know” based on typical situations.

  • Test product support competency
  • Be more challenging
  • Relate to job-skills
  • Test application of learning material

Special Notes as to Why These Exams Are Handy for our Students:

A new operating system and device—so using the simulations in the course sometimes is the only hands-on experience support reps get before they start receiving calls. These scenario-based exams ensure that the student has a “working knowledge” of the expected high call drivers on the product.

Tools/Technologies Used:

Captivate, Photoshop Elements, TechSmith SnagIt, and Intel Security product (for the content).


Consumer tech support teams.

Completion Time:

Fifty hours to develop.


Deciphering the scenarios that would best test a cross-section of applicable knowledge.

Insights/Lessons Learned:

This approach can be utilized across all our product training. We can expand the scenarios using the call recordings from actual tech support calls and not only use these in courses, but as standalone “test yourself” pick up (refresher) learning.

Project Screenshots and Explanations:

Project Screenshots and Explanations