Why this Project Was Needed:

An introduction to SharePoint Content Manager rights. It includes interactive simulations that provide instruction and opportunities to practice using content manager rights.

Our organization was expanding permissions to our SharePoint site administrators. They needed training to learn how to use these new skills and know their new rights and responsibilities.

Tools/Technologies Used:

Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Photoshop


75 – 100 users.

Completion Time:

Approximately 100 hours.


Course development coincided with the SharePoint/Intranet upgrade. There were challenges in having to access pilot versions of the interface and needing to adapt instruction and simulations while changes to the pilot versions occurred. Training members of the pilot prior to the final version of the course was also needed.

Insights/Lessons Learned:

I had to be a very active member of the pilot group as well as sit in with the IT development team in order to stay aware and adapt to interface changes affecting the training. In addition, I had to leverage two eLearning development tools to create the course. One was chosen to create interactive sims while the second was more effective for rapidly building the course interface and assessment.

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