You’re all excited about the promise of an Experience API-enabled world, but you’ve still got a learning management system (LMS) and a whole host of SCORM-based courses. Now what? In most cases, you’ll need to manage the transition—read: re-publish your library for the Experience API (xAPI)—over the months and years to come. But what if you could get the most out of both an LMS and a learning record store (LRS) at the same time, as you move to your next-generation learning-and-performance infrastructure? How would you find LRS vendors, choose from among your options, figure out how to make the LRS play nicely with your LMS, and implement the LRS into your environment … all while keeping up what you’re doing today? (Not to mention taking full advantage of that LRS by pulling in performance data from the “real world.” Now you’re talking return on investment!)

In this session, you will learn what to do with xAPI statements. You’ll discover how an LRS is different from—and similar to—the LMS you already have. You’ll review your options when it comes to LRSs and how LRSs can work (and can’t work) with your LMS. You’ll explore whether to work with a standalone LRS, a front-end xAPI solution with a built-in LRS, or an LRS aligned with your LMS and your current learning infrastructure. This decision is a crucial one as you plot your organization’s course toward your next-generation learning ecosystem. You’ll also learn the considerations to keep in mind when looking for an LRS, get a list of key questions to ask when selecting an LRS for your environment, and gain insights into both the learning and infrastructure aspects of xAPI from early adopters.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify the benefits of a learning record store (LRS) both in contrast to and in combination with your learning management system (LMS)
  • How to choose from among three types of LRS options
  • About potential options for your next-generation learning-and-performance infrastructure
  • What key questions to ask potential LRS vendors to narrow your search

Intermediate and advanced managers, directors, VPs, CLOs, and other executives with a basic knowledge of Experience API (xAPI) and LMS capabilities.

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