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B.Y.O.D.: Engaging Participants with Their Own Mobile Devices

711 B.Y.O.D.: Engaging Participants with Their Own Mobile Devices

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 25

Instructional Design

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Any time you’re in a meeting, class, or at a conference and look around the room you’re likely to see a number of people seemingly paying more attention to their mobile phones than to the topic at hand. These devices are not going away. The challenge we now face is keeping our face-to-face audiences engaged while competing with the myriad of mobile devices. The solution to this challenge is to leverage the devices themselves.

In this session participants will learn a number of different ways that mobile devices can be used to enhance face-to-face learning experiences. You will explore the many ways that gamification, social media, and more can be used to keep learners engaged in face-to-face learning. Participants will discuss and share a number of different activities that enhance learning using the devices learners are bringing into the workshops anyway.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to focus participant’s attention on your materials using their mobile devices
  • How to incorporate participant’s mobile devices into your events
  • How to create activities that enhance your events while engaging your participants with their mobile devices
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of using mobile devices in your activities

Novice and intermediate designers and managers

Technology discussed in this session:
In this session we will be using participant’s own mobile devices to participate in activities that any facilitator can immediately add to their events to increase engagement.

Participant technology requirements:
A smartphone.

Larry Straining


Larry’s Training

Larry Straining is a certified professional in learning and performance (CPLP) who speaks around the country on technology related topics. He is the author of Learniappe ... 111 Creative Ways to use QR Codes and a contributor to Interactive and Engaging Training—A Practical Guide. Larry is also an adjunct professor who teaches about technology at Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma where he currently lives.

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