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March 22 – 24, 2017 Orlando, FL

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LS404 The Path to Mastery Using Serious Games

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Wednesday, March 22

Games and Gamification

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To support development of a graduate course on serious games at DePaul University, a yearlong study examined the questions to be addressed by this new mode of learning and assessments. Can you encourage people to experience failure in the spirit of learning? Can you build reflection and feedback loops into the learning process? Can you help people further develop their capacities for social interaction and collaborative problem-solving?

This session will review the current research from Northwestern University, Temple University, University of Wisconsin, and Rosalind Franklin University on how serious games will provide a pathway to mastery, and illuminate why serious games are disrupting current training and development methodologies. You will learn about the important features of this new training and learning, including engagement and technology approaches, the time to mastery, and the latest examples of serious games.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to encourage adults to experience failure in the spirit of learning
  • How to build reflection and immediate feedback loops into the learning process
  • How to facilitate adults to further develop their capacities for social interaction and collaborative problem-solving
  • How to use natural language acquisition technology to engage your learners

Novice designers, developers, project managers, managers, directors, and senior leaders (VP, CLO, executive, etc.).

Dennis Glenn


DePaul University

Dennis Glenn is a professor at DePaul University. His instructional design and eLearning experience was honed when he joined Northwestern University as manager of the advanced media production studio, later being promoted to assistant dean for distributed education at the School of Communication. Dennis has designed interactive virtual patients for the medical industry that assess the cognitive decision-making abilities of surgeons, doctors, and nurses. He has taught at universities including Northwestern, Columbia College, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and DePaul’s Graduate School of New Learning, where he teaches in two domains: engaging social media, and mastery learning using serious games.

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