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March 22 – 24, 2017 Orlando, FL

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LS1008 Storytelling Visuals: Putting Them to Work for Your Projects

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Friday, March 24


International North

It’s a common problem: You’ve been handed the same old content, but you just can’t bear the idea of creating the same old learning experience with it. But even if you’re limited in the changes you can make to the content, you do have two great tools for enhancing it: storytelling and visuals. By applying powerful storytelling and graphic design techniques, you can transform that tired content into engaging eLearning and leave your audience amazed at how much more entertaining and useful their learning experience has become.

In this session, you’ll learn key storytelling and graphic design techniques and explore how this pairing can be used to transform stale content into an engaging eLearning experience. Easy to grasp even for people without a design or writing background, the tips you discuss in this session will be immediately transferable to your own work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Key foundational graphic design principles and how to implement them effectively
  • A simple method of creating stories for your learning projects that is engaging and cohesive
  • How to craft visuals for your story based on graphic design principles
  • Tips for bringing your story to life using eLearning authoring tools

Novice to intermediate designers.

Technology discussed in this session:
eLearning authoring tool (Articulate), mind mapping software (SmartDraw), and image editors (Adobe Photoshop, TechSmith Snagit, MS PowerPoint).

Jason Kramer

Senior eLearning Designer

Illumina Interactive

Jason Kramer is a senior eLearning designer with Illumina Interactive. He gained critical experience in the corporate training world as a senior instructional designer with Citizens Bank, and was part of the award-winning instructional design team at NECB led by Jean Marrapodi. Jason executed the online build-out of the undergraduate philosophy curriculum at the University of Memphis, where he also served as an adjunct faculty member. Jason holds an MA in philosophy.

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