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March 16 – 18, 2016 Orlando, FL

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Learning Solutions Concurrent Sessions

The Learning Solutions Conference & Expo offers over 100 concurrent sessions covering eLearning best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging trends. These sessions will help you develop new skills and knowledge, which will help you build more engaging and effective learning experiences.

Specialized Focuses

In addition to the great tracks at Learning Solutions Conference & Expo, there are a number of specialized sessions curated to help you put your skills into practice immediately.

The AlignED series of sessions focuses on what higher ed and corporate learning professionals can learn from one another. These sessions help bridge the gaps between academic and corporate education.

B.Y.O.L.® (Bring Your Own Laptop®) workshops ensure that you receive in-depth, hands-on training and enable you to follow along with the instructor step-by-step.

All Sessions Where Speakers Contain "thorn"

10:45 AM Wed, March 16

Track: Instructional Design

An eLearning template is not a set of PowerPoint master slides. A true eLearning template is so much more, and has many elements and components. While a set of master backgrounds is a great start, there are often overlooked aspects of a template that are never considered. Designers and developers often begin with raw content and begin a project in their chosen authoring environment, rather than thinking through the overall user experience. For those projects that involve multiple modules where it’s important to keep a consistent look and feel, a template approach helps keep all assets organized across modules.

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2:30 PM Wed, March 16

Track: Instructional Design

Sketchnoting is a visual language with a hierarchy and structure similar to written language. In order to communicate visually, or in this case communicate to yourself with your own notes, you start with the visual basics and look at the building blocks. Sketchnoting is about listening, processing, and transferring the key ideas into telling a story with your notes.

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7:30 AM Thu, March 17


Kick-start your day with Morning Buzz, the ever-popular “Early Bird” discussions. This is your chance to grab a cup of coffee and meet other conference attendees in a relaxed, casual environment, so you can share your best practices, insights, and tips while learning from one another’s experiences.

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