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March 16 – 18, 2016 Orlando, FL

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LS DemoFest Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Submitting to Participate

Competitions and Awards

General Information

What is LS DemoFest, and how is it structured?

LS DemoFest is a showcase of innovative learning and performance support projects. This event offers you an amazing opportunity to see a wide variety of technology-based learning and performance projects and to talk to the designers and developers about the tools, technologies, and processes they used to build them.

LS DemoFest is arranged with a table for each project being shown. The developers and/or designers of the projects will be available to demonstrate their applications and discuss the designs, technical aspects, implementation processes, and other issues concerning their projects. You can expect a fun and highly interactive event that will give you up-close and personal exposure to dozens of examples of technology-based learning and performance support. Upon arrival at the event, you will receive a detailed map to the DemoFest projects, and you may visit any, or all, of the tables.

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When is LS DemoFest?

LS DemoFest will be held Thursday, March 17, 5:00p – 7:00p

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Is LS DemoFest unique to eLearning Guild events?

Yes, LS DemoFest is unique to The eLearning Guild and Learning Solutions Conference & Expo. LS DemoFest offers you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, as well as to learn from the trials and successes of your peers.

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How is LS DemoFest different from the expo?

LS DemoFest is NOT a vendor product showcase where you see features of a tool. It is a place to view actual learning and performance-related projects or works in progress demonstrated by those who designed and/or built the programs. Also, unlike poster sessions at other conferences that are usually comprised of cardboard and paper displays, LS DemoFest offers you the opportunity to see the programs, talk to the developers, and have a chance to interact with the programs. We believe that you should be able to see, feel, and experience the learning and performance support projects.

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Submitting to Participate

Do I have to give a formal presentation?

No, this is a fun and casual event. You will be at your table with the device(s) needed to showcase your project, such as your mobile device and/or your laptop demonstrating the software used to create the experience. You will simply demonstrate and discuss your project and answer any questions. We ask that you do not prepare any handouts or slides, nor submit any handouts for publication. You are only required to answer some questions on the submission form, which we incorporate into the LS DemoFest description available on the mobile app.

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Who can submit to participate?

Anyone who is a registered full-conference attendee of Learning Solutions Conference & Expo and who has participated in the design or development of an innovative learning and performance support project can submit an application to participate. This includes conference attendees, speakers, and exhibitor staff. Note that Expo+ attendees are not eligible to submit a project for LS DemoFest.

We are looking for a wide variety of projects and for people who are willing to talk about their challenges (and solutions) to creating learning experiences. LS DemoFest is your opportunity to show your project and get recognition, insights, and feedback. It will be a fun and collegial experience as you expand your learning and professional horizons.

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Do I need to be a registered Learning Solutions attendee to participate in LS DemoFest?

Yes. Every LS DemoFest participant must be a full-conference registered attendee. If your submission is selected and you have not registered, you will be asked to do so as a condition of your acceptance. If you are not a fully registered Learning Solutions attendee 10 days prior to the event, your submission may be pulled.

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Can someone help me present my project?

Yes! You may have one co-presenter at your table to assist in demonstrating your project. Be sure to add your co-presenter’s name and contact information on the submission form. Only the presenters on the original submission will be accepted as demonstrators; no substitutions will be allowed. Please note that your LS DemoFest co-presenter must also be a full-conference registered attendee.

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What types of projects can be submitted?

Any type of technology-based project that supports learning and/or performance support on any topic is eligible. You must provide us with a link to download and/or review your project.

LS DemoFest is a place to showcase projects or works in progress demonstrated by those who designed and/or built the programs.

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What is NOT eligible for LS DemoFest?

  • Product demonstrations or features of products are not eligible.
  • Products or applications in beta or other phases of development are not eligible.
  • Courses or apps that are sold by the demonstrator’s company are not eligible. For example, a course on how to use X tool or a course on sales techniques, etc. However, if the course was built for a specific organization and is only used by that organization, then it could be submitted.
  • LS DemoFest is NOT about demonstrating learning technology products or platforms. It is about demonstrating the projects or solutions created with those products.

Vendors of learning technologies who wish to demonstrate their products or services should contact Cheri Lynch to inquire about exhibiting on the expo floor, product stage sessions, and other marketing promotional opportunities.

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Can vendors of eLearning products or custom development services demonstrate?

YES! Please refer to the question “Who can submit to participate?” above for requirements.

If you have a client who has used your tools or services you may want to encourage that client to participate in LS DemoFest, and by association your product or services will be showcased. Your client must be a full-conference registered attendee in order to participate in LS DemoFest.

Note that LS DemoFest is not intended as an opportunity to sell your products or services! LS DemoFest is designed for peers to share their projects with peers. Anyone who is actively marketing or selling during LS DemoFest will be asked to leave. Also, note that your submission must be for ONE example, not multiple examples using the same tool. Choose the ONE example that best illustrates your work. It is vital that your submission show how your solution solves a specific learning need.

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Are supplemental materials allowed to be displayed and/or distributed during LS DemoFest?

No. LS DemoFest is a place to showcase the work of the eLearning Guild community. It is not a place to promote products and services. No materials are permitted other than the equipment or materials needed to effectively demonstrate your project. All equipment and materials must be able to fit into the demonstration table.

You may bring standard business cards with you (3.5”x2”) and provide them to attendees if they ask for one.

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Can Learning Solutions and Ecosystem event speakers participate?

Yes, conference speakers can participate in LS DemoFest.

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Can I enter multiple submissions?

No. You are limited to one project submission per person. However, members of your team may also submit a different project.

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What are the criteria for being accepted?

Criteria for acceptance are:

  • Complete entries submitted by the due date
  • Demonstrators must meet the registration criteria listed above
  • If the number of entries exceeds the available slots, the most innovative examples will be selected for inclusion in LS DemoFest
  • If the number of entries exceeds the available slots, companies may be limited to one slot
  • Entries cannot be marketing- or sales-focused or be demonstrations of tools or tool features
  • When at all possible, we will try to get a balance of vendor and non-vendor demonstrations

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How do I know if my project has been accepted?

Shortly after submitting your project you will receive an automated email containing the details of the submission and confirming its receipt. After the submission deadline we will evaluate all projects and select those that will be included in LS DemoFest. We will respond to all submissions in early March.

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Will you send me more information if I am accepted?

If your project is accepted, you will be sent complete instructions on set-up times, technical options, etc., in advance of the event.

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What technology do I need to conduct my presentation?

  • Your own laptop and/or mobile device
  • External speakers. We strongly recommend that you provide your own external speakers rather than rely on your onboard laptop speakers for sound.
  • Fully charged device battery. Individual tables will NOT be wired for power—we strongly encourage you to fully charge your device’s and/or computer’s battery so you can demonstrate for the full two hours.
  • Courses/programs loaded on your devices. Wireless Internet will be available, but we encourage you to load your course/program onto your laptop hard drive, a CD, or a USB drive and be prepared to run it in case you are unable to make an Internet connection.

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Competition and Awards

Is this a competition? How will winners be selected?

This is the industry’s only true “people’s choice” competition. LS DemoFest is designed to be fun and engaging and to provide recognition for those showing their work. Rather than having a panel of experts, LS DemoFest allows your peers to vote on their favorite programs.

One winner will be selected from each LS DemoFest category. In addition, there will be vendor and non-vendor best of show winners selected. There may also be other special awards

The vendor and non-vendor category definitions are:

  • Vendor: The project was built by a person who works for a company that provides eLearning or mLearning training products or services, custom learning solutions, or consultation as the main source of revenue for the company. This type includes individuals who provide consulting services.
  • Non-vendor: The project was built by a person who works for a company that does not provide eLearning or mLearning training products, services, or consultation as its main source of revenue. This type includes government and military organizations, academic organizations, not-for-profit learning organizations or associations, and internal corporate training departments.

In the case of a vendor building a course with a client, you may list this in the non-vendor category, provided the client is co-presenting.

Winning projects will be recognized at the end of LS DemoFest and will be featured in an LS DemoFest highlights webinar, which will take place after the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo.