Many organizations struggle to produce all the learning content needed for employee or customer training. Outsourcing companies promise to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The challenge is finding the balance of retaining talented developers while meeting business demands to do more with less. Integrating outsourcing can improve efficiency, accelerate development projects, and increase the value of the existing team.

In this session, you will learn how to integrate outsourcing to better meet organizational requirements and customer demand. We will explore the pros and cons of various outsourcing models including considerations of budget, IT policies, locations, collaboration tools, and aligning processes. You’ll get real-world advice on selecting and working with outsource vendors, including tips on how to write effective project descriptions and statements of work and how to evaluate vendor proposals, RFP responses, and quotes. The session also looks at the impact on internal teams. Though course developers may view outsourcing as a threat, it can actually increase the value of internal teams and provide growth opportunities. You'll learn strategies for changing attitudes and transitioning traditional developer roles into higher-value roles. Finally, you'll see how collaboration and project management tools can help integrated teams stay connected and meet deadlines.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to select the type of outsource engagement that works best for your team and projects
  • Strategies for evaluating vendor proposals
  • Best practices for managing projects with integrated teams
  • Strategies for integrating outsource teams into existing development teams


Session Video