How can you convince your organization that it makes business sense to buy all that expensive software and hardware and hire people with skillsets unfamiliar to the world of learning? Influencing stakeholders and leadership to adopt new learning technologies can be challenging, but it's a "must do" to keep your team relevant and your learning function up-to-date.

This interactive session provides you with a data-driven approach to help you showcase the financial benefits of bringing new technologies into corporate education. You will leave this session armed with the right data and strategies to take to your next discussion with your organization's leadership. You will also gain insight into tools and concepts you can use to calculate the financial benefits of innovation in learning, which can be used to gain leadership's support for acquiring new technologies and skillsets.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Effective ways to measure your learning output and value

  • How to calculate the financial advantages of innovation

  • How to apply a data-driven approach to making strategic decisions

  • Steps in prototyping a plan to invest in Next-Gen Learning

Session Video