Get Results: How to Assemble and Align a Strategic Team

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Learning Leaders Winter Forum 2022 - March 16, 2022

Christine Adleman

Director of Organizational Development & Learning
Johnsonville Sausage

Kevin Brill

L&D Manager, Digital Learning
Kohler Learning Academy

Tina Dooley

Manager Global Activation & Engagement in Global Sales

Mos' Okediji

Group Manager, Marketing & Communications, Craft Development

Learning leaders must constantly consider their team structure as they balance three functions: meeting their organization's strategic needs; delivering results efficiently; and creating a meaningful role and career path for the L&D professionals on their teams. The best pathways are highly dependent on an organization's strategy and situation. Hearing from other learning leaders about their decisions and what's actually working (and what's not) can be helpful in charting a path forward. 

Our panel of learning leaders will describe the structure of the L&D function(s) in their organizations. Each panelist leads the L&D function or a significant team in the overall function in their organization and can share the decision processes involved in how those teams are organized and reorganized as business needs change. As the labor market gets tight and the demand for learning services in organizations increases, we'll explore the ways in which these leaders are addressing talent acquisition, development, and deployment; we will also encourage questions from the audience to frame this discussion.

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