Design by Humanity, or DxH, is a design collective and
apprenticeship program that works to upskill people of color and mentor their
growth in L&D careers. Through volunteer projects and an immersive design
boot camp, DxH provides creative services to nonprofits seeking learning
experiences designed from an anti-racist perspective.

In this session, we will discuss how new learning designers
can lead by example and learn by doing. By examining the intersection of
learning and doing at DxH, session attendees will get a firsthand look at how
volunteering with an organization like DxH isn't about "doing work for
free." Experiential learning can happen in a number of ways. We offer a
type of learning that benefits the participants and the greater L&D

This session also explores the ways that volunteer work can
expand your worldview, make you a better L&D practitioner, and enable you to
use your work to make a social impact in the workplace. You will learn how to
give yourself stretch assignments to grow in your career. 

Session Video