Learning Data in Action: A Pathway Forward

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Learning Leaders Global Online Forum 2021 - July 21, 2021

Megan Torrance


With xAPI adoption increasing and organizations moving to data-driven decision making across many functions, L&D professionals may find themselves playing catch-up. Many of today’s learning ecosystems have limited, disconnected data streams. But, as platforms and data standards advance rapidly and organizations call for more rich insights about learning experiences, we have an opportunity to level up our skills and our impact.

In this session, Megan Torrance shares insights and stories about organizations that are successfully using learning data to drive performance at multiple levels. We’ll begin with a framework to organize the many uses of data in the learning function, from evaluation and analytics to personalization, recommendations, and business workflow rules. Several case studies will show how the data that L&D tools generate can support deep analytics and ultimately artificial intelligence applications. For organizations just getting started on their data pathway, we’ll discuss the tools, skills, and relationships you’ll need to start building.

Session Video

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