The question "How do we do better?" drives
leaders. Without data, though, decisions to change or keep the status quo may
be based on inertia, fear, or blind belief that how things have always been
done is how they should continue to be done. As organizations increasingly use
data to justify budget allocations, L&D is under pressure to provide
business-centric data to show ROI.

This session will explore how learning leaders can borrow
from the testing and tracking approach used by marketers to continually improve
and to justify investments. From knowledge transfer to action to ongoing
behavior, we will explore the ways that marketers frame questions, define
success, and build campaigns that allow for scalable and testable variations. We
will see how marketing embraces scientific methods of testing and tracking—and
how L&D can adopt this approach.

We'll then dig in to how these same approaches can be
incorporated into L&D’s efforts on people development. The session will
propose guidelines, share case studies, and invite discussion and collaborative
brainstorming on the challenges to implementation within your organizations.

Session Video