The concept of building a “culture of learning” is discussed
often in learning and development circles. It’s fairly easy to recognize an
organization that has a strong learning culture, but it’s considerably more
challenging to build such a culture yourself.

In our closing session of the Learning Leaders Online Forum,
we have invited three Guild Masters for a conversation examining how to support
and improve the culture of learning in our organizations. You will examine the
factors that most shape an organization’s learning culture, and the associated
forces that most directly influence those factors. You will examine common
challenges that exist in pushing your learning culture forward, and the
strategies that can be used to overcome them. Join us for a lively discussion
that will help you improve your organization’s learning culture. 

Session Video

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Jane Bozarth

Director of Research, The Learning Guild

Conrad Gottfredson

Chief Learning Strategist, APPLY Synergies

Karl Kapp

Professor, Bloomsburg University