Monthly Meeting: Archways to Opportunity (Panel Discussion)

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Monthly Meeting - November 9, 2021

Joe Adolph

Vice President, Center for Corporate Engagement
Colorado Technical University

Devon Coombe

Director, Initiative

Kari Erickson-Greenfield

VP, Academic Partnerships
Smart Horizons Career Online Education

Kristin Gurrola

Strategic Partnership Director

Marianne Merola

Education Programs Manager
McDonald's Corporation

During this month's meetup we welcome Marianne Merola, Education Programs Manager at McDonald's, who will lead a panel discussion on the “Archways to Opportunity” program and the ROI in employee education. The panel will explore how employee perspectives of learning and education are shifting, and describe the McDonald’s education and career pathways program. Through this discussion, you will learn how McDonald's accomplishes key business goals, like keeping up with changing business and skills needs while increasing employee retention and helping their front-line workers establish economic security.

Session Video

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