Research shows women are twice as likely to have
administrative support roles—and half as likely to have leadership positions—in
L&D as men. Supporting awareness of gender equality and creating
environments committed to a more diverse future is something all organizations
are seeking to do well.

In this session we will examine some of the forces that are
contributing to gender inequality, and explore ways to bridge the gap in our
organizations and in our personal careers. We will explore what women can do to
proactively design their learning careers and discuss what ‘success’ really
looks like. For some it is becoming a learning leader; for others it might be
about creating space to research and write or having greater flexibility or
specialty within our field. We will share specific tips on how to build your
confidence, overcome barriers, and enhance your network. Join us for a
discussion that supports women in building their careers so we can help to find
a better balance across our industry.

Session Video