351 A Mid-Sized Company's Leap into eLearning

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Wednesday, November 17

Scarce resources and bottlenecks limit company growth by slowing new-client onboarding; one-on-one implementation training is not scalable. But without an L&D team, implementing an eLearning solution that could provide the scalability is not feasible. In this session, we'll share the story of how, in just over a year, Raintree created a fully-remote learning and development team and developed and implemented eLearning courses for our clients. It took research and meetings, hiccups and victories, and hours of analyzing, designing, developing, and implementing. Along the way, we learned some things that we think would help you if you're considering embarking on this journey.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What systems to develop in preparation for development
  • How to prioritize course development and build a roadmap
  • The importance of building relationships with SMEs, engineers, and stakeholders

Nikita Porter

eLearning Specialist

Raintree Systems

Nikita Porter is currently an eLearning specialist working on developing courses for a new Learning Management System at Raintree Systems. As an educator with 14 years of experience, Niki also has six years of instructional design experience where she specializes in coaching and supporting adult learners and providing train-the-trainer professional development. She has a diverse skill set including designing and developing in-person, digital, and blended learning solutions. She believes that with a supportive and encouraging leadership team all stakeholders will feel productive and valued and succeed as a team.

Laura Coulter

Instructional Designer and eLearning Specialist

Raintree Systems

Laura V. Coulter an eLearning specialist at Raintree Systems where she's part of a team developing a new LMS and eLearning program for clients. She is an instructional designer and eLearning specialist with more than 20 years in learning and development through teaching, coaching, and designing eLearning. Laura is also the author of Building Community in an Online Course.

Misty Duff

Manager - Instructional Design and Learning Management

Raintree Systems

Misty Duff, a manager of instructional design and learning management at Raintree Systems, is a veteran project and product manager and trainer with 13 years in learning and development. She leads her L&D team in creating mixed-media content and serves as product manager for the development of Raintree's proprietary LMS. She offers a blend of creative and organizational strengths along with an irreverent sense of humor to building an eLearning program.

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