211 Women to Rise: A Roadmap for Renewing Our Leadership

8:00 AM - 8:45 AM Tuesday, November 16

Many organizations lack gender balance, which limits ideation, a strong leadership bench, and performance. Now is the time for women to lean in and create the real change that is needed for equitable and inclusive work environments. Whether you feel isolated, constantly challenged, fatigued, or simply ready to take your leadership to the next level, it's important to overcome obstacles and lean into your leadership to succeed in your endeavors. This session provides real-world examples and a proven formula for being bold, championing your goals for creating a path forward. We will focus on the top attributes, behaviors, and actions women can take to show resilience and reach their full potential while bringing greater value and change to their teams and organizations.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The concept of the Sticky Floors—self-limiting beliefs that limit your highest potential
  • Three actions for recognizing and owning your fears, getting out of your comfort zone, being bold, and taking actions for realizing your goals and aspirations
  •  How to master your executive presence: be visible, have a voice, and influence others

Rebecca Shambaugh


SHAMBAUGH Leadership

Rebecca Shambaugh is president of SHAMBAUGH, a leadership consultancy firm whose mission is to develop high-performing and inclusive leaders who transform workplace cultures. An internationally recognized leadership expert, author, and keynote speaker on transformational leadership, Rebecca is Founder of Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL), a nationally recognized leadership institute known for accelerating the growth and advancement of women leaders. Rebecca speaks at major conferences and forums around the world every year, helping leaders find a winning strategy that drives organizational growth and high-performance culture while creating the most powerful competitive advantage on the innovation front.

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