202 How to Prepare Your Company for New Technologies

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Thursday, July 28

There will almost always be challenges while trying to introduce or learn a new technology. Some people are open to change while others are not, but you need to get everyone on board for a technology rollout to be successful. That doesn’t just happen; successful technology roll outs require a plan. 

In this session you will learn the steps needed to build a successful implementation plan. You will  explore a framework to use when investigating, selecting, and implementing new technologies, and learn from examples and checklists of successful enterprise implementations.  

In this session you will learn: 

  • How to investigate technologies that will solve problems for your company 

  • How to assemble the right implementation team 

  • Why a pilot program is the key to success 

  • How to launch and fine-tune your program 

Session Takeaway: Attendees will receive a checklist of best practices to apply in their own work.

Debbie Richards


Creative Interactive Ideas

Debbie Richards is a learning architect, self-proclaimed geek, and early adopter of learning technologies. A learning architect ensures a clear vision with a clearly defined roadmap, bringing together tools, platforms, and content into a form that is easy to use, scales, and delivers a great user experience. Passionate about working with and mentoring other talent development professionals, Debbie is the past president of the ATD Houston chapter and a past national advisor for chapters.

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