106 What is Adaptive Learning in 2022? (and What is it Not?)

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Wednesday, July 27

While interest in adaptive learning is growing, it is still very much misunderstood. Adaptive learning is defined in many different ways ranging from simple examples like social recommendations and decision trees, to more complex examples driven by machine learning and AI. While we can all agree that adaptive learning holds great potential, it can be difficult to harness that potential without a clear understanding of what adaptive learning is and what it isn’t. 

In this session we will provide clarity as to what adaptive learning looks like in 2022 and where it is headed in the future. You will explore the different 'levels' of adaptive learning—from simple to complex—and what benefits they either have or lack for the learner. You will discuss how utilizing AI for learning will change the experience and performance impact for the learner. You will also discover how AI solutions will impact learning experience design and content management, as well as directly impact human-led workshops, training, mentoring, and coaching. 

In this session you will learn: 

  • What adaptive learning is, and its different 'levels' 

  • What AI allows us to deliver, and how that changes the learning experience and impact 

  • How adaptive learning changes the learning experience design 

  • How AI and adaptive learning impacts human-led learning and training efforts

Session Takeaway: Attendees will receive a matrix that defines the different levels of adaptive learning and the value they can drive for learners and their organizations.

Markus Bernhardt

Chief Evangelist


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