206 Using AI to Cut Content Development Time

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Thursday, July 28

It seems like learning departments are being required to create increasing amounts of content in smaller amounts of time. Luckily there are AI tools available that can cut content development time dramatically. But what are these tools and how can learning departments leverage them? 

In this session you will dissect a series of case studies that will provide you with insights on AI tools, including those useful for shortening a content developer's build time. You will discover each organization’s successes, challenges, and opportunities when working with AI tools. You will explore how artificial intelligence tools can support many facets of the content creation lifecycle—from administrative minutiae to actual writing of content, and image development to determining effectiveness of the delivered interventions. You will also discover the unexpected benefits these tools can have on employee behavior and organizational culture as a whole. 

In this session you will learn: 

  • How to identify the most appropriate AI tool for your organization's learning requirements 

  • To discern the differences between various AI tools to support the well being of your employees 

  • The impact of AI tools you've chosen to your organization's culture 

  • The interconnectedness of AI tools, employee attitude and behavior, and overall corporate culture 

Session Takeaway: Attendees will receive a checklist for determining the best AI content development tool for their learning department

Robin Yap

Chief Research & Development Officer

Point North

Robin Yap has 20 years of learning and HR experience working for Fortune global-200 companies. He’s published more than two-dozen peer-reviewed and professional journal articles and spoken at more than a dozen international conferences in the areas of measuring online social-network dialogues, technology-to- training integration, developing high-potential and high- performing employees using collaboration tools, and gamification for learning. His work has won awards from the Canadian Society for Training & Development, Perspectives, and the Institute for Business and Finance Research. Robin sits on the HR.com advisory board and represented the US at the International Standards Organization. Robin holds JD and PhD degrees.

Edward Perry

Managing Partner & CEO

Point North

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