212 7 Tools and Techniques Leaders Use to Create Safe Climates in Uncertain Times

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Thursday, February 25

The ongoing effect of COVID-19 is creating a workplace that is increasingly unfamiliar. As we increasingly learn more about the challenges people are having living and working through these uncertainties, the need for organizations to focus on their employees’ well-being has become critical.

In this session you will examine why employee well-being has become a top priority in 2021, and discover ways to build that sense of safety into your culture. Pulling from examples shared by learning leaders from around the globe, you will explore a wide range of strategies to sustain and support employees; some are familiar, others are quite inventive. Join us in learning how to develop a culture that cares.

Wendy Gates Corbett


Signature Presentations

Wendy Gates Corbett, CPTD, is an engaging international speaker, award-winning presentation consultant, and a former global training executive. She’s on a mission to foster belonging by creating embracive workplaces so every person experiences the freedom and flourish that comes when they are respected and protected by their peers and leaders. Wendy is the president of Signature Presentations, LLC. She is a nationwide leader in the training industry with a 20+ year career and is a member of the Guild’s Learning Leaders Alliance Advisory Board. She has a BS in psychology and an MS in applied psychology: industrial/organizational psychology.

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