GS1 The Pillars of Learning Leadership: 5 Perspectives

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Wednesday, February 24

What makes a good learning leader?

In this fast-paced and thought-provoking opening session you will hear from five different industry leaders, each of whom will provide a short, TED-like talk exploring a single pillar of leadership. You will explore what the pillar is, why it’s so important, and most significantly, how to incorporate the pillar into your own leadership.

These perspectives will help you see leadership through different lenses, which will help you fine-tune your own perspective on learning leadership.

Brandon Carson

Director of Learning

Delta Airlines

A strategic and accomplished talent development leader with extensive experience in creating global workforce development strategies, Brandon Carson currently leads learning at Delta Air Lines in support of their global airport and cargo operations. Brandon has been honored with several industry awards including the ATD BEST Award, the Learning Guild People's Choice Award, and three Brandon Hall Awards for Best Custom Learning Design. He's the author of Learning In The Age of Immediacy: Five Factors For How We Connect, Communicate, and Get Work Done and the forthcoming book, Impact! Corporate Learning's Playbook for the Digital Age both from ATD Press.

Julie Dirksen

Learning Strategist

Usable Learning

Julie Dirksen, a learning strategist with Usable Learning, is a consultant and instructional designer with more than 15 years' experience creating highly interactive eLearning experiences for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to technology startups to grant-funded research initiatives. She's interested in using neuroscience, change management, and persuasive technology to promote sustainable long-term learning and behavior change. Her MS degree in instructional systems technology is from Indiana University, and she's been an adjunct faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She is the author of Design For How People Learn.

David Kelly


The Learning Guild

David Kelly is the CEO of The Learning Guild. David has been a learning and performance consultant and training director for over 20 years. He is a leading voice exploring how technology can be used to enhance training, education, learning, and organizational performance. David is an active member of the learning community, and can frequently be found speaking at industry events. He has previously contributed to organizations including ATD, eLearn Magazine, LINGOs, and more. He can be found online at his website,, or on Twitter @LnDDave.

Julian Stodd

Author and Founder

Sea Salt Learning

Julian Stodd is an author and founder of Sea Salt Learning, a global learning consultancy helping organizations adapt and thrive in the social age. Much of his consultancy work is around the need for social leadership, the design of scaffolded social learning, planning for organizational change, and the impacts of social collaborative technology. Julian comes from an academic background in communication theory, psychology and neurophysiology, learning design, educational psychology, museum education, and philosophy. He is a proud global mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, and a Trustee of Drake Music, a charity that works to break down disabling barriers to music through education and research. He was awarded the Learning Performance Institute’s Colin Corder Award for Services to Learning in 2016. He has written 10 books, including The Social Leadership Handbook, Exploring the World of Social Learning, and A Mindset for Mobile Learning.

Dan Pontefract


Lead, Care, Win

Dan Pontefract is founder and CEO of The Pontefract Group, a firm that improves the state of leadership and organizational culture. He is the author of four best-selling books, has presented at four TED events, and writes for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Dan is an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business, and has garnered more than 20 industry awards over his career. Previously he was chief envisioner and CLO at TELUS—a large Canadian telecommunications company—and has held senior roles at SAP, Business Objects, and BCIT.

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