Informal Learning Takes Off

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August 13, 2014

In this report, Jane Hart examines the results of The eLearning Guild’s April 2014 survey on informal learning, which is becoming dominant in the workplace. The results include many interpretations of what “informal learning” means, including a wide range of new ways to address workplace learning, from non-traditional approaches to training to autonomous, unplanned individual and team learning.

The main informal learning activities that are taking place with L&D intervention in respondent organizations might be termed “informal training” or “non-formal learning” activities rather than support of natural, unplanned, informal learning of individuals and teams. Some existing activities in respondents’ organizations are described in a special section of the report.

In addition, the report explores reasons for organizations’ interest and involvement in informal learning, barriers to involvement, and how informal learning is evaluated. The information in this report reinforces the earlier Smart Companies Support Informal Learning report.



This Guild white paper examines informal learning in the workplace.

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