2014 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report

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February 19, 2014

In this annual Guild Research report, the 2014 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report, Patti Shank explores trends in eLearning pay worldwide and looks at how variables such as company size, number of people managed, years of eLearning experience, and years of education influence salary. She also provides a salary calculator to help readers compute baseline salaries with their own unique variables.

Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States experienced a decrease in average salaries in 2014, which is the opposite of last year; India is the only one of the five countries highlighted to see a rise from the previous year. The 2014 average global salary is $76,530, and the 2014 average US salary is $78,932. The 2014 average global salary is down 1.5% from 2013 when it was $77,682. The average US salary is essentially the same as 2013, when it was $78,984. The report shows all salaries in US dollars (USD) in order to use a common currency throughout.

The survey is based on responses from 5,923 eLearning Guild members internationally who pro­vided their salary and compensation information as part of eLearning Guild general membership data.


Full Report

This report examines trends in eLearning pay worldwide.

Full Report (PDF)

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