How Organizations are Using Video in 2021

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December 15, 2021

What types of videos do organizations use for learning? How are others overcoming common barriers to video use? What does the future of video look like in the L&D industry?

Video is a wide-ranging topic and the way it is defined, produced, and integrated into learning strategies varies from organizations, to practitioners. We surveyed learning professionals from around the globe to see how they are using video learning content. Video learning content is increasing significantly in L&D, with almost half of our respondents saying video constitutes more than half of their learning content. Make sure your organization is up to date on this emerging topic!

In this report, Jonathan Halls uncovers some challenges and key themes that appear in organizational video use.  Use this report to see how your use of video compares to others in the industry; plus, review action items to help you overcome common barriers.

Download the Executive Summary

Download this brief summary to learn about what videos organizations are using for learning, how they’re overcoming barriers in video use, and the what the future of video looks like in L&D!


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In this research report, Jonathan Halls analyzes recent survey findings and seeks to understand the use of instructional video in organizations to demonstrate how this powerful modality is supporting modern learning. Use this report to see how your use of video compares to others in the industry.

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