413 Forgetting What We Know: Re-conceiving Performance Support as Performance Learning

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 8



With its shift of learning away from information overload delivered in large chunks to learning in more manageable increments within the context of work, performance support is already an improvement on traditional methods of training. Looking to further improve learner performance, in this session we’ll discuss the possibilities of imagining “support” as “learning” with insights from psychological and neuroscience research. Building on unconventional notions about the nature of memory, constructing learning methods on a “remembering” curve, and attending to the learning environment are just a few of the opportunities we will explore in this open conversation with panelists.

Morris Davis (Host)

Associate Professor

Drew University

Morris Davis is an associate professor of history at Drew University, where he’s held a variety of administrative and teaching roles, served as an academic dean for a professional graduate school, and published widely. During his 13 years working closely with adult learners, he’s developed a keen interest in the way they learn and function in the workplace, and is rethinking what it means to prepare people to learn after formal schooling. Seeing many obvious connections between university teaching and workplace learning, and always looking to learn something new himself, he has been providing insights and consultation to Ontuitive. Morris holds a PhD.

Jeremy Smith

Senior Learning Solutions Manager

Herman Miller

Jeremy Smith, a senior learning solutions manager at Herman Miller, focuses on learning strategy, change management consulting, and global shared learning services under the umbrella of talent management. Jeremy has been a corporate learning professional for over 20 years, and during that time has played a leading role in learning organizational structure, infrastructure, design and development, governance, measurement, and resourcing strategies. For more than seven years Jeremy has led the effort to introduce and operationalize performance support strategies and systems at Herman Miller, including solutions for IT applications, product introductions, corporate competencies, talent planning, and management skills.

Rory Francis

Performance Development Design Manager

Huntington National Bank

Rory Francis is the performance development design manager for Huntington National Bank. He has been involved in learning and performance development for over 15 years, including 12 years in the financial services industry. Rory is responsible for the training curriculum and performance support tools for Huntington’s Customer Relationship Management application, and leads the implementation of a common performance-support solution across the organization. He is a graduate of Ohio Northern University.

Veronica Yan

Postdoctoral Researcher


Veronica Yan is a postdoctoral researcher at UCLA and USC with a PhD in cognitive psychology from UCLA. Her research focuses on the cognitive underpinnings of memory and the strategies that lead to effective and efficient long-term learning. In particular, she studies “desirable difficulties” in learning, why they work, and the motivational mindsets required to appreciate them. She is a recipient of the UCLA Department of Psychology’s Distinguished Teaching Award and a winner of the UCLA Dissertation Launchpad. Veronica conducts training workshops for students, schoolteachers, and college professors across the United States.

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