608 Performance Support is a Four-letter Word

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Thursday, June 9



Electronic performance support systems, workflow learning, just-in-time training, help on steroids. Even though performance support (PS) has existed as a concept for more than 25 years, its many names are a testament to how difficult it can be to explain, let alone sell, PS to customers, senior leaders, or sometimes even your own team.

In this session, you will explore a methodology to educate stakeholders on performance support and see how this approach impacted three actual case studies from Fortune 100 companies. In particular, you will examine the business problem, the company culture, the performance support solution design, and the business case that justified the investment in PS. You will also hear real-life examples from session attendees, and you can apply the methodology to help drive the adoption of performance support in your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to educate stakeholders on performance support
  • From three Fortune 100 performance support case studies
  • How to apply the methodology in your own context
  • How to drive adoption of performance support in your own organization

Novice to advanced managers.

Frank Nguyen

Learning Executive

Dr. Frank Nguyen is a learning executive who specializes in transforming learning organizations through strategy and technology. He has led enterprise learning for Fortune companies including AIG, Amazon, American Express, Intel, MicroAge, and Sears. Frank has published extensively on the intersection of eLearning, instructional design, and performance support. He is a recipient of the Learning Guild Master and the ISPI Distinguished Dissertation awards. His work on compliance training, learning strategy, business transformation, and technology have been recognized by Brandon Hall and Chief Learning Officer. Frank has served on a variety of learning industry committees for Adobe, ATD, BJET, Brandon Hall, The Learning Guild, and ISPI.

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