S201 A Road Map for Implementing Video-centric Learning in Your Company

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Thursday, June 9

Expo Hall: Strategic Solutions Stage

Most companies have invested heavily in training infrastructure and content, including face-to-face events, PowerPoints, PDFs, and video. Typically, video is thought of as problematic and overly time-consuming. It’s not. The real question is how to deliver training that is consistent, engaging, relevant, and—above all—lasting. In this session, you will see how the use of video can facilitate behavioral change and create measurable, positive learning outcomes. It will include the value of practice, role-playing, reinforcement, and collaboration, using the medium of secure, recorded, and interactive video.

Donna DeMarco

Vice President and Co-Founder


Donna DeMarco, a vice president and co-founder of Viddler, has provided management, software engineering, and team-building mentoring to Fortune 100 clients. As an instructor and consultant, she taught and mentored over 2,500 engineers, developers, and managers. She also founded Lighthouse Solutions, which provided management and software engineering consulting to IT companies and biotech firms.

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