710 Seven Proven Strategies for Creating Effective Responsive Online Courses

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Friday, November 18



It’s difficult to create an eLearning course that is optimized for all devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). There’s a reason that, although most of the web is now designed responsively, there are still few instances of good responsive design in eLearning. Many of today’s eLearning courses do not function and flow like the other apps that people use every day. The result? A learning experience that is full of friction.

In this session, you will learn seven key strategies for creating eLearning courses that remove the frictions of clunky design. With responsive design and a user-centered design process, you can create learning experiences that people will love. You will see actual examples and discuss the details of a real project. You’ll get plenty of actionable takeaways and effective tools to use on your own projects!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to approach a responsive design project
  • How to remove clutter in design
  • How to create cost-effective templates
  • About a new approach to creating user-centric learning
  • How to create what users will love

Novice to intermediate project managers, managers, and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:
HTML5, responsive design, phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, Proto.io, Balsamiq Mockups, and user testing.

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Todd Macey


Vital Learning

Todd Macey is the president of Vital Learning, where he leads a world- class team and partner network to deliver award-winning training and development solutions for today's managers.

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