SD104 A Is for Analysis, E Is for Evaluation

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM Wednesday, September 30

Expo Hall: Management Xchange Stage

Learning professionals are experts in learning, but are we as adept in analysis and evaluation? These are the pillars of effective design and calculation of ROI, but often we are rushed to design and development before critical analyses can be completed. When “A” and “E” are left out of the instructional design process, we can end up delivering the wrong solution and be unable to calculate ROI through appropriate evaluation. This session will focus on how to conduct an in-depth organizational analysis to determine the root cause of the problem you are trying to solve. 

Koreen Pagano

VP of Skills


Koreen Pagano is passionate about learning, technology, and changing the world. Koreen founded Tandem Learning, where she pioneered immersive learning in organizations by leveraging virtual worlds, games, and simulations. She has led Enterprise Product at and LinkedIn and led corporate product strategy at D2L. An internationally recognized writer and speaker, Koreen is currently VP of Skills for Degreed, helping organizations successfully navigate upskilling and reskilling the modern workforce. She has taught graduate courses at Harrisburg University and is on the advisory board for emerging tech companies in the VR and education markets. Koreen authored the book Immersive Learning.

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